Audio Eyes and Video Description Magic!

What happens when you put blind people, entertainment professionals, and educators in one place? Video Description Magic! That’s what happens.


May 14, 2014, Audio Eyes, an accessible media company, will make history, and you can be part of it! The first ever, live, crowdsourced description event will allow you to contribute, in real time, to the magical process that will make a feature film accessible and enjoyable for people with vision loss. Ask questions, make comments, influence the final script!

Never heard of description? Learn how TV programs are made accessible for people who cannot see the screen. Did you know that video description is available on your TV every day? If you tried to share a YouTube video with a blind friend or relative, how would they know what was on the screen?

Educators and entertainment professionals may wonder about the cost and time required to make a video accessible. Log on and hear answers from the blind professionals who are making a difference in the media industry.

All blind consumers are encouraged to log on and help demonstrate how your opinions can make description better.

Join Audio Eyes and the Described Captioned Media Program for this ground-breaking, live web event, and make magic happen:

Inside Video Description:
How Pictures Become Words
May 14th, 12:30 – 2:30PM PDT

Register here:

And tell your friends! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest information!

For more details, check out this video message on our youtube channel or an interview with our Chief Engineer on KPFK’s Access Unlimited Show!


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