Repairing the Perkins/APH Brailler

Repairing the Perkins/APH Brailler

The new NON-WARRANTY repair policy for the Perkins/APH Brailler is now in place. In the past, Perkins/APH Braillers have been repaired, at Perkins, at no charge to APH customers irrespective of whether the unit was in or out of the stated one year warranty.
There will now be a $135.00 non-refundable assessment fee for units outside the one-year warranty. After the Perkins assessment, we will be informed of the required repairs and cost estimate, and in turn will notify you requesting approval for Perkins to proceed. If you approve, the repairs will be done and the braillewriter will be returned to APH for our quality control check before being returned to you. Perkins tells us that the minimum repair fee will be $205.00, which includes the assessment fee. Other repairs may be more, depending on the difficulty of repair and parts required. You may use federal quota funds to cover the assessment fee and any repairs.

I think the best part of it all is that federal quota funds can be used to cover the assessment fee and repairs. How many of you out there knew that?


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