Index Embosser History

Index Embosser History

Index braille embossers are used in many school districts in America. I use them but had never read the story behind the company. This article written by the company gives a nice background story and demonstrates the connection the owner has to our wonderful population of people with vision loss. There is also a simple video demonstrating how the hammers push the paper to make the embossed dots.

The article also provided me with information I did not know:

The Visually Impaired Foundation here in Sweden states on their website that the right to learn braille is not guaranteed within Swedish law, sadly this is reflected in a number of countries world wide. It is therefore likely that any one individual who may loose their vision, risks becoming illiterate.

This shocked me. I have always thought of Sweden as a  front runner in education. To learn that Sweden does not guarantee the right to learn braille is quite a surprise. For all of the braille struggles we face in America, IDEA does provide parents the ability to use the law to protect their child’s right to learn braille. Braille comes first, then evaluation to determine braille is not needed now or in the future.


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