Memory Monday – Swim Team

One of my former students was encouraged from a very young age to swim. Her father swam laps every day and soon she was swimming laps right along with him. By middle school, this student was ready to enter the local swim team. The concern was about the wall when racing. Most swimmers open their eyes and see the wall to make the swift turn and push off the wall with their feet. My student has no vision; her father swam with her and would tap her to tell her the wall was coming. This would not be allowed during racing. Some pools are built with special sprinklers to be turned on in the lane to indicate the end was near but this pool was not. Ingenuity at work! They devised a long pole with a tennis ball on the end. Her father and coach stood at either end of the pool. During the race they would reach out and tap her on the shoulder. She knew this feeling meant one more stroke and then flip to push off with her legs. It was amazing to watch her race. I have scraped my fingers on pool walls so many times that I truly think she has a sixth sense but she always gave credit to her team of ‘boppers’ to make sure she wouldn’t run into the wall.


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