50 Ways to Use a Light Box

50 Ways to Use a Light Box

One or two of the links for picture are no longer available on this blog but the text of many, many ideas for light box work are still present. A few of my favorites are:

  • Set a table by having the student match plate, cup and spoon with a transparent outline of these objects on the light box 
  • Help the student mix colored soft drink mix into a clear glass of water and watch the color develop
  • Paint with whipped topping on red or blue transparency
  • Stack up blocks so that simple arm or leg movement knocks them down
  • Have student use a capability switch to turn on the light box
  • Use a bold marker to write letters on lightweight paper and tape it to the light box. Have student trace the letters.

Some of these I have done with students, others are new. How do you utilize a light box with your students?


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