Do You Know About Sitecues?

Do You Know About Sitecues?

Do you have a webpage? Do you want it more accessible, more universally designed, to reach more users? Check out Sitecues.

(from their site)

Reach more users

People vary greatly, but the web is currently delivered as though one size fits all – many fail to realize that the Internet, though powerful, is not always an accessible medium. Today even if you make accessibility a priority and work hard to make your website compliant, few new users are reached. To benefit from an accessible website, users need to own and know how to properly operate an assistive technology (AT). Unfortunately, less than 5% of those that could benefit from an AT currently own one (95% of people with disabilities are not served by traditional ATs). We call this the Assistive Technology Barrier.

Assistive Technology typically focuses on highly technical users with the most severe visual disabilities. sitecues is designed to make websites accessible to a much wider range of individuals by overcoming each and every “AT Barrier” that exist today and put a simple intuitive AT in the hands of anyone that could benefit (see sitecues white paper for more details.) This paradigm shift, allows our partners to extend their reach to a much wider range of individuals including those with (US statistics):

Severe low vision – 10 million (forecast to double by 2020)
Visual difficulties – 46 million (1 in 4 working age adults) have mild or severe visual impairment
Print difficulties, including:
Learning disabilities such as dyslexia (14-43 million) – 2/3 of whom go undiagnosed
Literacy-challenged (40 million)
Non-native speakers (47 million)
Age related diminished vision, including:
Seniors (35 million)
Baby boomers (76 million)

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