Cooking With Kids – Tootsie Rolls

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One recipe I have found easy to make in the school setting is Homemade Tootsie Rolls. This is a great time to practice cutting a stick of butter and using the microwave to melt butter. Lots of measuring involved as well.

Stir together 1/4 cup of Hershey’s cocoa powder, 1 cup powdered sugar, and 1/4 cup powdered milk. I have found it easier to dump these ingredients into large mouth containers with lids. Transport is easier and the student can hold the measuring cup and spoon over the mouth while filling it. The student then places the measured amount into a large mixing bowl and gives it a stir to mix them together.

In a small microwave bowl, melt 2 tablespoons of butter. I bring a stick of butter and we practice cutting it in half, and then in half again. This creates 2 tablespoons of butter easily. Melt the butter in the microwave. Add 1/4 cup of corn syrup and 1 teaspoon real vanilla extract. This is a great chance to use a whisk to mix these all together.

Fun way:Pour the liquid ingredients into a quart size ziplock bag, pour dry ingredients into the same ziplock bag, seal the top, and smoosh it together so it mixes.

Normal way (but somewhat messy and not good for student with tactile issues): Pour the liquid ingredients into the bowl of dry ingredients. Knead the mixture together with your hands for a few minutes.

Take mixture out of the ziplock bag or out of the bowl and start making long snakes as if it were clay. Cut the clay into bite size pieces and wrap with plastic wrap or or wax paper squares.


(the picture takes you to a site for free embedded images for WordPress; the recipe I have been using since I, myself, was in summer camp)


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