Braille Fail? – Tattooed Song

Braille Fail? - Tattooed Song

Here are the words I can read. A few letters are missing and I believe two words are spelled incorrectly. There is no capitalization or punctuation other than apostrophes. The song lyrics can be found here:

i’m a fountain of blood
in the shape of a girl
you’re the bird on the brim
hypnotised by the whirl
dridk me make me feel real
wet y’ r beak in the stream
game we’re playing is life
love is a two way dream
leave me now return tonight
tide will show you the way
if you forget my name
you will go astray
like a killer whale
trapped an a bay
i’m a path of cinders
burning under your feet
you’re the one who walks me
i’m your one way street
i’m a whisper in w ter
secret for you to hear
you are the one ** grows distant

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