Memory Monday – Fireworks

Embed from Getty Images

One year the county I was working in had five students who were visually impaired all entering pre-kindergarten at the same time. We decided to have them all attend one together instead of all the teachers traveling around to see them. I offered to run the program which was two days a week from 9-3. While I had assisted with a VI preschool once before, this time it would be all mine. I found lots of helpful information at a website called Stormie’s Preschool. Websites were in their infancy at that time so it was wonderful to look into someone else’s brain for ideas. The sensory table ideas were some of my favorites. My five students practice cutting, watering and cutting real grass, and playing with beans in the sensory table. One student remarked ‘fireworks!’ when he dropped a few beans at a time back into the sensory table. Some of the other sensory table ideas were: lots of different kinds of paper and scissors to practice snipping, cottonballs and digging through them to find hidden objects, and snow with sand tools. The site is now gone, but I am forever grateful to Stormie!!!

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