Perkins School for the Blind is looking for someone to create and solicit educational content and post it on the Accessible Science microsite:   The site includes activities and resources for teaching students of all ages, with an emphasis on adaptations for learners with visual impairments, multiple disabilities, and deafblindness, from preschool through Grade 12.  This is a part-time position (12 hours per week) and the work can be done remotely.  Experience as a teacher of students with visual impairments and designing science activities is preferred.


For a more detailed description of the position and to apply, please visit and submit a resume and cover letter with your application.


Updated Ashcroft Programmed Instruction: Unfied English Braille


The newly updated “Ashcroft Programmed Instruction: Unified English Braille” textbook is completed and available from the SCALARS website,  Updated and revised by M. Cay Holbrook and Frances Mary D’Andrea.

This is the book that, in its previous editions, has been used at many university teacher preparation programs. Many universities are going to start teaching UEB to pre-service teachers starting this fall semester.