Storing PDF Files – How Do You Handle the Volume!?!

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A question posed by a TVI in California garnered quite a few responses. What do you do?

Teacher: how are others dealing with storing/using the pdf files being created for ipads and do you create your own pdfs.

1. We at ***** have a shared Dropbox for temporary storage until files get picked up, then we delete them, but in the meantime all the files are on a computer.  I have decided to leave the  novels in the Dropbox so more easily accessible throughout the year, recognizing that the textbooks are only needed at beginning of year.

The process of creating the pdf:

We take the book to FedEx/Kinko’s and pay less than $2 for them to cut through the spine of the book thus providing loose pages that we then feed through our Minolta BizHub (copier) scanner.  Textbooks get scanned a chapter at a time (or whatever is reasonable), and pdf files are named as chapter number and page numbers then put into a folder with the book name and isbn

We have a spreadsheet of what we have done that we also keep in the Dropbox.  it can be a long process so would be nice to not have to duplicate year after year…I am attaching our spreadsheet if you are curious to see ….

(keeping in mind that our TVIs have discovered that BookShare is not the best option for LP users on iPad, in their opinions)

2. I do this a lot now also.

My method has been storing the original on my computer and copying the file(s) to a shared Dropbox folder that we set up on each student’s iPad. I deliver books and worksheets this way. The student deletes what they don’t need out of their folder during and at the end of the year. My computer is getting a bit filled up from this so I will be asking our department to buy us a storage drive to hook up to our network.

I’m interested in your process of scanning. Obviously we strive for the highest quality with the lowest file size.

Also, it’d be great to be able to know what other people have done. Maybe we could start a shared Google Sheets file with a database of scanned books?

We were lucky enough to buy that big cutter for our department. $5,000ish but I love the convenience. Then we have a Kyocer 3050 MFP that I scan at 600 DPI into the computer. Adobe Acrobat Pro for Mac has done wonders in terms of file size and clarity when zoomed on iPad/computer. I’m usually able to keep entire textbooks under 300 MB with their Clearscan OCR. I don’t like to go any more than 300 MB to prevent the iPads from loading slow. I also spend a little time renumbering the pages and creating Chapter bookmarks for better navigation.

3. Our county gets textbooks on Bookshare, and then we use the app Read2Go to read them. No scanning, no Dropbox. Does this sound like something that can work for you?

4. So far I just started doing this and I have a folder on my desktop of the books I had done. Then I can “Share” the file of the particular textbook with whichever VI teacher is going to download it onto their students ipad.  Also I have just put all of the particular students textbooks onto a zip drive and they can download them to the ipad and bring the zip drive back.

5. You may want to have the files stored on your teacher computers along with the dropbox app.  Put the books in dropbox for the students as they are needed and remove them when they are done.  I put files in folders on my computer for each student.  If they loose a file, I have the original.

There are other cloud based solutions.  One that I would like to check out more is a MyCloud.  It is a hard drive you can put on a network and function like dropbox but a large hard drive.

That may be worth checking out.

6.  We do not save our files because we have no need to.
I download ebooks for students with specific needs on various devices using several different apps and formats.

7. [don’t do this] yet, but I want to.  Our AT might do that.  I’ll ask her more about it and get back to you.

8. What about an external hard drive? Store it in your office for all teachers to access. Teachers can put books students need on a thumb drive or send as an attachment.

9. How about iBooks?

10. You can have more than one Dropbox, create different names/schools/grades/formats then only switch files as needed.

11. highttail or google drive

12. I haven’t done it yet but the gen ed teachers do it here.  Turn the pdf into an Ibook that way it can be stored directly on dropbox.

What do you do??


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