Nemeth Tutorial

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APH staff, in a project with Northern Illinois University, is developing a web based Nemeth tutorial that works equally well for both sighted and blind users with a refreshable braille display. The tutorial requires an internet connection and a modern browser and, for blind users, a screen reader and refreshable braille display. Supported screen readers include JAWS®, Window-Eyes®, and NVDA® on Windows®, VoiceOver® (on both Mac® and iOS®) and TalkBack® on Android®. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer®, FireFox®, and Chrome® on Windows, Safari® on Mac and iOS, and Firefox and Chrome on Android.

Any braille display that the selected screen reader supports works with the tutorial.

To participate in the testing, send a blank email to This subscribes you to an email list where other test participants, developers, and customer service personnel exchange experiences, impressions, and suggestions.

To check out the tutorial, click here:

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