Braille Fail – Where is the Exit?


I have been in this college classroom building for many years. I also took courses for my major in this building many, many years ago. I would not be surprised if this same sign was there and no one ever checked the braille.

I happened to pass by on the way to teach and just looked. Now I don’t know old code, and this could be old code, but it should have been updated. It reads:

levble 1 east stair

serves fl??s 1-4

exit at levble 1

Does anyone know enough old code to confirm the two ??, 4-5-6 ow, was a contraction for ‘oors’ or that ‘ble’ was once a contraction for ‘el’?  I am guessing these were really errors, but you never know!


  1. I was there so long ago the building wasn’t built yet. Those symbols were not part of the Braille we learned in the 1970s before that building existed. I think they are just errors. I’ve heard of grade 3 highly contracted Braille, such as dot 5v equals the word “love”, but I wouldn’t think those “contractions” would have existed in grade 3 or that grade 3 would have been used on posted signs. I DO read posted braille, always, and have discovered multi-word named rooms written in all caps with no spaces between the words, room numbers posted incorrectly right beside the print, and directions for a walk up ATM installed upside down.

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