Doctorate Program from the National Leadership Consortium on Sensory Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs awarded Salus University a Collaborative Agreement in 2010, the National Leadership Consortium on Sensory Disabilities (NCLSD). Through collaboration with 14 universities with training programs in blind and visually impaired, 11 in deaf and hard of hearing and five in deafblindness, 30 individuals were eligible to receive a doctoral degree.  The purpose was to increase the number and quality of leadership personnel competent in the areas of higher education and research to improve education services for infants, children and youth who have sensory disabilities, including those with multiple disabilities.

A second Collaborative Agreement has been awarded. We have encouraged expanding to include school leaders as doctoral candidates and to include opportunities for distance learning. We do not yet know what the final determination will be. Details are developing. Watch this website for additional information .

Here is some information you can share…

Do you know a teacher of students who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired, or deafblind who has interest in obtaining a doctoral degree and becoming a leader at a university or state level? The expectation is for full-time, on campus students. Stipend and tuition will be provided. 

We don’t have a lot of information yet, however, details are developing. Students must first apply to a university and then apply to the National Leadership Consortium for Sensory Disabilities (NLCSD). Check for current details.


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