Summer Institute 2014 for Massachusetts Special Educators

Background and Purpose

This institute will introduce participants to the Unified Braille Code, which has been adopted by the United States. Changes from the literary code will be studied as well as the resulting benefits. Teaching strategies will be discussed, transition plans for students will be developed, and braille technology conversion will be covered.

Background and Purpose: The new Unified English Braille (UEB) unifies literary Braille with mathematics, science, and computer Braille so one code will work, making it easier for students and teachers. Implementation of the new UEB is being addressed across the country.

The Institute seeks to provide professional development on the following topics:

  • UEB code changes
  • How the teaching and learning of Braille will be impacted
  • Braille technologies which support access to the general curriculum for students with visual impairments
  • developing an effective implementation plan for Massachusetts students .

The summer institute is free and awards 67.5 PDPs. Graduate credit (3) is available for $450.

For further information visit the link below.


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