Reading Intervention Programs – What Is Used in Your District??

Does your school district use certain programs to evaluate all students’ reading levels? Your district might call this Response to Instruction or Response to Intervention. If so, APH needs your help.

APH has received a request to produce a general education leveled reading assessment in braille. Many school districts require the use of an approved assessment for the determination of instructional intervention and independent reading levels. We would appreciate your assistance in providing information such as: the program used by your school or district, and your thoughts regarding its effectiveness when evaluating the performance of braille readers. Feel free to share comments that you think might guide our selection.

Our review of materials has considered: quality and variety of content, thoroughness of skill assessment, and flexibility for use with tactile readers. We hope to offer an assessment that supports literacy instruction to the greatest number of students who read braille. Your input is vital to our process.

Please complete the short survey and return to Susan Spicknall, Braille Literacy Project Leader at

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