Accessibility of WordPress (What This Blog Runs On)

Check out this article about the choices of WordPress to make your blog accessible.

If one of you, at any time, find this blog has accessibility issues please let me know. I will try other themes to keep it as accessible as possible.


  1. Note: I tried posting this on the site, but didn’t get a confirmation that it worked. My apologies, if it’s a duplicate. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is a great overview of the accessibility issues. I had no idea WP powered 20% of the websites out there. As a blind author, I use WP with a static homepage as my website. I use the 2010 theme, and I code my own text for headings and such and have some of my own work-arounds for getting photos posted using Jaws. What wasn’t clear to me from this article was whether or not the accessibility of the Dashboard varies from theme to theme. WP recently roled out a new easier interface, which doesn’t work for my purposes, so I’ve gone back to the Classic interface.


    • I have set comments to need approval as I have had a few instances of spam appear. This might be why you did not see confirmation. I have also had inconsistent information regarding the different theme options and cannot get clear information regard the best accessible ones that are also free. This is a blog for my heart and soul, but is not funded by anyone but me so I can’t really justify a cost for it. It does sound like WordPress is open to suggestions so you might write them about your frustration with the new interface. I personally don’t like the new one, either. I just accept the fact is is free and move on. I do not have the technical know how to code my own headings – I only hope and pray they are somewhat clear on my page. I have an ‘adopted’ daughter who uses JAWS so she keeps an eye on me for accessibility. I am sure she would shout out a problem if it were glaring. I just want others to be vocal as well.

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