Reading Vows in Braille

Reading Vows in Braille

I love the hot pink card stock used for her vows. Beautiful picture.

The person in the photo is Deja Marie Powell and she wrote the following yesterday, on her Facebook page.

For some reason (unknown to me) this photo has been circulating the web today (in honor of Meet the Blind Month I suspect), and has captured my heart once again. This singular image tells a BIG story which I hope you don’t mind me sharing…
This is me reading my vows on my wedding day. I am also wearing a Live Strong bracelet on my right wrist in honor of my hero, my dad, who I lost to brain cancer. The tiny ring on my right pinky finger is my mom’s wedding ring from my dad. The braille however, was the best gift of all. I grew up blind but was never taught braille, I was basically illiterate until age 23. My dad, in the last days of his life, made me promise to go get blindness training, which included his desire for me to learn braille. I did just that and was able to read my vows to my husband, a recent Iraqi war veteran, and although my hands trembled and I sobbed, I read slowly and methodically and was able to pour my heart out to the second man who showed me what I was worth (my husband). This photo captures such a precious moment in my life, but also expresses how important braille literacy is…and was the most important braille document I’ve read to date. (P.S. What’s not showing is my hot pink cane to match). Photo credit to:Donna Young

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