Teaching the visually impaired is a rewarding occupation. This blog will post about many of the different aspects of the field. There will be information about braille, the abacus, orientation and mobility, dog guides, adapted daily living skills, and so much more. Thank you for stopping by!


If you would like to contribute to this blog, feel free to add something in comments and I will be sure to create a new post. Posting to the Facebook page works, as well, to notify me of your wish to participate.


  1. Your writing is smooth and readable. Excellent. Braille truly caught my attention. I’ve been an amateur radio operator for more than 25 years. A blind lady who was my mother’s friend taught me the art of Braille. So each time I’m aware that the ham I’ve contacted is sightless, I always take the extra effort to write my call sign in Braille. Not all hams know Braille, but those who do are pleased.

    • Thank you, Scott! ham radio is often a favorite of students who are visually impaired. It is such a connection to know your voice is all that is connecting you and someone around the world.

      How do you write a call sign in braille? I know literary, math, and Spanish braille and a little of music braille. If your call sign is auditory I don’t get it. If it is written then my question is kind of pointless. Please share!

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