The Bradley Watch

I love this watch. I love that those with sight will like it just as much as those without. There is only one problem…..

It is $300. The center recessed circle has a ball bearing, attracted to the correct minute position by magnets. The outer edge of the watch there runs a second ball bearing, also attracted by a magnet but to the hour position. The elegance and simplicity can’t be beat. I am hoping the general public sees this watch and it takes off. If others buy it then the popularity might bring the price down or at least spur a copy cat.

Just one location of many where you can purchase the Bradley watch


The Joy Player

Help your student be the life of the party! Using the Joy Player combined with the switch from the Sensory Learning Kit, you student who is learning switch activation or cause and effect can now add an awesome soundtrack to the party.

We know many of our students are motivated by certain songs, comercial jingles, or self made music. Now you can use these to motivate your students into communicating or causing their own effect. Another great feature is the ability to help the student take the next step of independence with the same device – learning to make it louder/softer, pause, reverse to the previous song, and skip to the next song are all simple button options for flexibility of learning.

APH Joy Player

Quizlet: Computer and App Study Tool

Looking for a way to help someone with sight learn braille? Look no further! Quizlet is your answer. I would love to hear from any of you about quizlet’s accessibility for students with visual impairments. This site is marketed to students and teachers so I would love to know our students can access this if their teacher decided to build Quizlets and give them to her students.

And so many more!