The Bradley Watch

I love this watch. I love that those with sight will like it just as much as those without. There is only one problem…..

It is $300. The center recessed circle has a ball bearing, attracted to the correct minute position by magnets. The outer edge of the watch there runs a second ball bearing, also attracted by a magnet but to the hour position. The elegance and simplicity can’t be beat. I am hoping the general public sees this watch and it takes off. If others buy it then the popularity might bring the price down or at least spur a copy cat.

Just one location of many where you can purchase the Bradley watch


Colorblindness and ‘The Dress’

I love this article about the blue/black and gold/white dress that made the rounds on the internet. It has brought the discussion to light about those who have colorblindness. Please take the time to read this article.

How Colorblind People See It

Wine Tasters Apply Here!

I guess I never thought of wine making as a career for my students. This Spanish winery has perfected a training course for people with visual impairments to strengthen their sense of taste and smell. The courses sound interesting and I wonder if these courses might help with more than just wine. It could easily be adapted to use for other food items or perfumes. The wine labels in braille are pretty cool, too.


Comcast Campaign – Descriptive Video

Comcast kicks off a wonderful campaign about how people with disabilities enjoy entertainment. The webpage is located here: Movie Link

But there has been interesting discussion on Ability Magazine’s post on Facebook: photo and comments

Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite books- part of the problem with enjoying movies is also the lack of reading the story the movie came from. The descriptive video helps people be able to compare the two (movie to book) and see where Hollywood made changes. It would be interesting to me to see if this young lady had had the opportunity to read the book or have it read to her.

Free Device Helps Blind, Visually Impaired Handle Money

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The US Treasury is offering, for free, the device to read money. What a great writing activity for our students to get their own device.

Read more about it here:

The form to apply for the device:


Famous Persons with Visual Impairments Touching Life – A Film

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I love the idea of a documentary about a couple who is visually impaired. Going through family life and all the challenges, gives outsiders a glimpse into doing things different but still getting things done.

Watch more about it here:

Be My Eyes App

I am so excited to see an app which encourages us to help one another. The Be My Eyes app,, is designed to put those with vision loss in touch with those with vision. What makes this one so amazing, is it recognizes those with vision loss are not without skills, employment, talent, humor, etc. I have downloaded the app but have not been ‘needed’ to be someone’s eyes, yet. I look forward to providing this simple service!