Guide Dog for Marathon Runner


Great article about an amazing human and an even more amazing animal. I appreciate those that can run marathons – and know the work they put into training. The dog in this story is just as amazing.

Guide Dog for Runner Article


White Cane Safety Day 2015

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How are you celebrating White Cane Safety Day?

Don’t forget to share information with your students regarding its history.

Here are some resources to assist you:

National Federation of the Blind White Cane Safety Day

Time and Date Holidays

Lions Club White Cane Facts Sheet

Receive a Free White Cane from NFB

Video “Don’t Touch Someone’s White Cane”

Smart Cane

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Check out the video for yourself, but I see this as the ‘OnStar’ version for a cane. Some will want the additional help, and others won’t. The best part is the option. At the end of the video, the user did indicate she wished it were not so heavy — just what I was thinking as I watched the video.

Smart Cane Video

For my friends without vision:

The cane has the traditional folds of a folding cane but on the second section, just below the first grip fold, there is a white, rectangular box around the whole second section. On the top of the white box, which faces outward while using the cane, there are a few black and white buttons. When folded, the cane looks about the size of an thin loaf of bread. The cane voice is wired through a bluetooth ear piece. While they say the box fits on an existing cane I believe it is built onto it and cannot be added to a cane after the fact.

GoFundMe: White Canes for Mexico

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GoFundMe: White Canes

A couple of O&Ms are working towards purchasing 100 White Canes for a small non-profit for the blind in Tijuana, MX. This is the last week to fundraise; they hoping you’ll check out their video and make a donation…every little bit helps!

How the Blind Snowboard

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An excellent blog to read when you have a moment. The great article to start with is Blind Snowboarding!

Adaptive Ski & Ride School: How the blind snowboard


Famous Persons – Daniel Kish

Check out this great podcast about Daniel Kish. He is a gentleman who uses echolocation to travel. He is the first blind person to be a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS).


You can read more about him on this page, World Access for the Blind.