Guide Dog for Marathon Runner


Great article about an amazing human and an even more amazing animal. I appreciate those that can run marathons – and know the work they put into training. The dog in this story is just as amazing.

Guide Dog for Runner Article


The Joy Player

Help your student be the life of the party! Using the Joy Player combined with the switch from the Sensory Learning Kit, you student who is learning switch activation or cause and effect can now add an awesome soundtrack to the party.

We know many of our students are motivated by certain songs, comercial jingles, or self made music. Now you can use these to motivate your students into communicating or causing their own effect. Another great feature is the ability to help the student take the next step of independence with the same device – learning to make it louder/softer, pause, reverse to the previous song, and skip to the next song are all simple button options for flexibility of learning.

APH Joy Player

Raised Relief of Fine Artworks

Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring the options of touching masterpieces of art. My mother is a retired art teacher so art has been a part of my life since I was born. I know the raised reliefs of these works is one way to try and explore them but I also know that it does not make something three dimensional. I would think reproducing these paintings into a 3-D model would be the best.  Most of the pictures featured in the article are of people, some if various poses. Another is of a flower arrangement. Again – I love the idea but really think it still misses the mark some.


Comcast Campaign – Descriptive Video

Comcast kicks off a wonderful campaign about how people with disabilities enjoy entertainment. The webpage is located here: Movie Link

But there has been interesting discussion on Ability Magazine’s post on Facebook: photo and comments

Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite books- part of the problem with enjoying movies is also the lack of reading the story the movie came from. The descriptive video helps people be able to compare the two (movie to book) and see where Hollywood made changes. It would be interesting to me to see if this young lady had had the opportunity to read the book or have it read to her.