Guide Dog for Marathon Runner


Great article about an amazing human and an even more amazing animal. I appreciate those that can run marathons – and know the work they put into training. The dog in this story is just as amazing.

Guide Dog for Runner Article


How the Blind Snowboard

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An excellent blog to read when you have a moment. The great article to start with is Blind Snowboarding!

Adaptive Ski & Ride School: How the blind snowboard


Spelling App for the Visually Impaired

Taken from ACB Forum January 2015

I am a mother of a bright 10-year-old kid who happens to be blind. He is very good at picking up concepts and is a voracious reader.  But I realized his spelling was a little weak. So I decided to make an app for him to help him practice spelling on the go, on an iPad. You can find the app at

I would be really happy if more kids could use and give feedback, and let us know how we could make it better. Send your suggested improvements to

B. Symphony in B. Orchestra

B. Symphony in B. Orchestra

Look for a present for under the tree? Here is one which is available through Target. The musical sounds come from items shaped like instruments. It is a great exploration toy which also gives a child the opportunity for creativity.

Review of the toy here:

Target purchase here: