Parents Seeking Parents

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Children with visual impairments are a low incidence population. That being said, parents of these children are also a low incidence group. Here are some national places to look for support.

National Association of Parents of Children with Visual Impairments

Family Connect

Schools for the Blind in America

Perkins School for the Blind Parent Page

National Organization of Parents of Blind Children


Visual Impairment Department – Colorado Department of Education

The Colorado Department of Education has many links to resources for visual impairments on their disability specific page. While it contains many things Colorado specific, like information for their state braille exam and Colorado caseload guidelines, it also has sample goals and objectives, UEB resources, and literacy fact sheets that are helpful in any state.


Portal for New Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Thank you, Texas! There is a wonderful page on TSBVI’s website which is geared just for new TVI’s starting out. There is a wealth of information on here, and knowing this school, it will only get better as they add more to it. I love the calendar at the bottom of the page which gives month by month tasks that need to get completed.

I have been that new teacher many times. I lived in three large states, worked in over 50 school districts, worked with students in over 100 schools, and been inside well over 500 classrooms. To say I have seen a lot is an understatement. Each new setting brought new concerns. I remember being that TVI just starting out. Texas has brought that support to more than just Texans. Thank you.