White Cane Safety Day 2015

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How are you celebrating White Cane Safety Day?

Don’t forget to share information with your students regarding its history.

Here are some resources to assist you:

National Federation of the Blind White Cane Safety Day

Time and Date Holidays

Lions Club White Cane Facts Sheet

Receive a Free White Cane from NFB

Video “Don’t Touch Someone’s White Cane”


Got Cane?

A group of people with canes walking outside.

Did you know your student may receive a free straight cane as often as every six months? The National Federation for the Blind has a Free White Cane Program. This is a great way to put those writing skills to the test. Have your student complete the application form and become self-sufficient for one piece of necessary equipment.

Find out more at: https://nfb.org/free-cane-program

That Little Something

A wonderful blog, The Independent Bee, gave great information about an artist on Etsy.


The original intent was for an American Girl Doll but I can see this cane working just fine for  a large teddy bear, Elmo, other dolls, etc. The cane is ‘that little something’ to make someone feel a part of the group.

Blind Cane for American Girl 18" Doll Accessories for Vision Impaired Therapy Play Get Well Soon Gift Disabled

Visit The Independent Bee at: http://adifferentkindofvision.blogspot.com/2014/09/our-girl-just-got-white-cane.html#comment-form

Anyone Use Cane Hooks?

When I think of a cane hook I actually picture an older model cane, with a crook at the top. We don’t see them very often but it is what I used for my mobility coursework.

A Cane Hook is something different. Like the purse hook I use when at a restaurant, the cane hook attaches to the cane and allows the user to rest the cane on the edge of the table. The cane stays upright and in place. I love it!

Check out AmbuTech for more accessories: http://ambutech.com/